Accelerating data science with AI

for Jupyter Notebook

Stop searching for code or looking up docs. Focus on the problems that matter.

Chairman & CTO, OpenAI
Creator of IPython, Project Jupyter

Use cases

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Analyse your data with Cogram and your favorite libraries, such as Pandas, Scipy or TensorFlow. Skip looking up documentation and stay in flow. Watch a demo of Cogram on an ML task here.

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Create beautiful plots with Cogram and customise them in natural language. No more looking up plotting library syntax. You describe the design, Cogram does the implementation. Watch a demo of Cogram on a fitting and visualisation task here.

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AI-powered code generation

Say what you want to do, let Cogram write the code. You can move through different suggestions right in your notebook.

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Jupyter integration

Cogram integrates seamlessly with your Jupyter notebook

Python support

Cogram supports Python, more languages are in the works

AI-powered suggestions

Switch between Cogram's AI-powered code suggestions to select what works best

Text-to-code and code completion

Write code from plain language or use multi-line code completion